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hahaha like so much already ~

Maybe I should do Let’s Plays.

Except I’m kind of bad at video games so it would just be hours of watching me fail to do things until I finally go look it up in a walkthrough.

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oh my god i am so sad I sold that I never got to finish it ;O;

You can experience it vicariously through me.

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omg 3d pen??? i gotta google that shit

It’s called the 3Doodler!

Goodbye tumblr I am gone to watch anime

PS: Mercury, Rem, I tag TWEWY posts with ‘TWEWY’ so savior that or use xkit blacklist if you don’t want spoilers

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hah I actually assumed Meulin taught Kurloz sign language so he could have a way to communicate - like, it was her idea, not his; I consider that much more romantic. But i hope you're not saying it's wrong to look at them (and their gestures) as loving/sweet/romantic? You're usually not that judgmental about relationship interpretations so I found your comment kind of surprising

I’m not saying it’s wrong to look at their relationship as romantic, no!

What I’m saying is wrong is to act like it is somehow INCREDIBLY ROMANTIC AND UNUSUALLY SWEET, like, ABOVE AND BEYOND REGULAR DECENCY for him to…be able to communicate with her. Like people aren’t just treating them like they’re sweet, they’re treating it like it’s out of the ordinary for him to make an effort to be able to communicate with her, when ‘being able to communicate with your partner’ is a super basic requirement of basically any relationship in existence ever.

Also I think it’s kind of funny because out of the two of them, HE is the one who NEEDS it, like, he is literally incapable of communicating without sign language, but people are acting like the only reason he learned it was for her.

So no I don’t think that they aren’t romantic or cute with each other or it’s wrong to think they still have romantic feelings or anything, but people are making some really weird assumptions and the idea that being able to actually communicate with your partner isn’t a requirement kind of skeeves me out.

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Awww that’s a good tag to have. :D Okay send me the thingie in my askbox and I will!

Apparently I didn’t have an ‘rjestudio’ tag, though, although that might be tumblr’s tagging system being weird because I’m sure I’ve responded to asks from you before.

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Why I followed you - because you were the dude who did the awesome BtSDLB art and secretly I wanted to befriend you.

Associate you with something - I…yeah, it’s porn. Also specifically the image of dirty, rumpled Gamzee licking gushing phallic objects.

Something I like about you - I only love you for your porn. :’o( No but uhhh THIS ONE IS REALLY HARD like I don’t know if I can pick a favorite social characteristic??? but it feels bad to mention like - talents - or physical features - like I don’t LIKE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE. I do think your art is really awesome and hot though, I like that! And overall you’re just a nice dude. I think you’re pretty funny a lot.

A memory I have of you - Posting on the BtSDLB OOC meme! Fun times.

Associate you with a character/pairing - I associate you a lot with Gamquius, haha, and also Equius by himself.

Something I’ve always wanted to know about you - what do you look like.

Your turn!

ETA: random fun fact I found out while editing to tag this post! I have an ‘rje I love you’ tag.

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too much identification with the character maybe? that’s a common thing

That’s likely too, yeah.

I have to admit, though, the idea of people who deeply identify with Vriska to the point where they take hatred of her personally who don’t recognize her flaws kind of terrifies me.

Most people I see talking about how they identify with her usually say it’s because they have really similar flaws. Usually those aren’t “I abuse people”, but like “I cause a lot of my own problems” and shit like that but


if you identify with her and also refuse to acknowledge the bad things she does?? Then you’re basically REAL-LIFE VRISKA and wow no. No. Nonononono.