you need to see a doctor

Blah blah blah blah doctor blah blah mental health blah blah treatable condition blah

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lowers eyelids sultrily and wraps an arm around your shoulder, leaning in close. whispers, sensuous and tender, into your ear, "nyah."

you motherfucker.

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goddammit why would you ask people to do this meme I got caught up in it and now I have ten minutes to get dressed and do my makeup for church. if I got to church disheveled or late I'm telling Jesus it's your fault

Sorry, Jesus.

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hi I'm edoro and I'm a big dork go look at my new babies they're so cute help I have too many dragons social justice social justice eeeeeEEEE CECIL oh no dragon site is down what will I do now what if I have to leave my room??

That’s not gonna happen.

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oh no gamzee help i can't gamzee oh no gamzee plz gamzee gamzee gamzee

100% true.

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oh I'm Edoro and I like to sit in the dark in my room all day and breed virtual dragons and watch cartoons.

I have a light now.

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Its one of the poorest areas in Kansas City. The average rent is 410. I looked up the neighborhood online.

Why aren’t we paying 400 for this house.

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uh excuse u my birthday is saturday

I don’t think you understand how robust a gathering simulation AoE II has or how badly I’ve craved it ever since Windows XP stopped being a thing

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Is that that movie you wanted me to watch

It is only one of several but yes, this is a case where I am going to bug the absolute SHIT out of you about watching it because I guarantee you will enjoy it unless you hate literally everything that is good in life.

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wow I miss rping twewy with you

Hey you know what we should do?