rob stark: wow mother i should have listened to you

cat: yes, also you should do this thing for your next move


"What?" my coworker says, mildly frustrated. "That’s gay."


Sooo me and Fred just had a fun adventure that began with making friends with the neighbors and ended with a couple of severely intoxicated dudes walking into our house behind us after we told them not to.

Especially when it’s fucking me, because I make excuses for everyone’s bad behavior constantly, and actually, the more I think about it, I think what happened in this situation is that the person in question started being an asshole to people I cared about more than myself


anyone else but me

so please, please, please trust that I do not put people aside lightly and that I feel massive amounts of guilt and trepidation for even thinking about whether or not I might want to stop interacting with someone, and that if I do something of this magnitude there is probably actually a reason

That awkward moment when people act like you ended a friendship that lasted for more than ten years the moment the other person sort of annoyed you, and not perhaps because they did something (or, in this case, a series of things more or less consistently over a period of approximately nine months) that made you realize they were a person you no longer wanted to associate positively with.